Flintshire in Business

Flintshire in Business is a series of flagship events taking place throughout the year supporting the business community in Flintshire and across the region.

It supports the business community in Flintshire to platform their business whilst maximising trading opportunities and promoting business excellence to a wide range of delegates representing companies.  Flintshire in Business attracts global, regional and local companies to network and take part in knowledge sharing and innovation.

We have a vast array of fantastic events coming soon for 2020 

Welcome from Lord Barry Jones
President of Flintshire In Business

Flintshire Business Awards-165

As the president of Flintshire In Business, I’m extremely proud to be involved, in such a successful, high profile series of events.

Having lived in the area all my life I have seen the fortunes of local industry and the job market in Flintshire rise and fall and steadily grow into what it is today.

We now have some of the leading manufacturing industry firms based in Flintshire, creating jobs and opportunities for thousands of local people – 34 per cent of all jobs in Flintshire are in the manufacturing industry. Efforts made by Flintshire Council over the years have brought businesses into the area and encouraged people to start their own companies all making valuable contributions to the local economy and creating a vibrant place to live and work.

With the help of events during Flintshire In Business these opportunities will keep growing, bringing together businesses and entrepreneurs to create a strong economy for generations to come. I’m delighted to be part of the team that takes Flintshire In Business forward and hopefully goes some way to help build industries of the future.

Finally I’d like to thank all of our sponsors and partners on behalf of Flintshire County Council. Without your support the opportunity for Flintshire In Business would not exist so a huge thank you goes to everyone involved.


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